NSR Rum Race 4 – Report

We hope everyone has hunkered down and is coping with cyclone Gabriel’s onslaught.

In the rainy weather, we have had some time to put together a short video of our twilight rum race on Friday.

Our twilight rum racing fleet grew to 15 boats on Friday with three beautiful gaff-rigged classics joining in the action.

Terry Dunn entered his Logan designed “Aotere” for the first time and was joined by “Leto” and “Balaena”. The three gaffers all started together and looked magnificent as they headed off down to Southerns.

In a lovely 10-knot Southeasterly “Saltshaker” proved hard to catch, finishing first ahead of “Nexus” with “The Business” third.

“Aotere” accounted well for herself to finish just ahead of “Outlaw” in 10th, well done Terry and crew!

Congrats to “Angry Dragon” who in addition to finishing 4th also won the draw.

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Opua Cruising Club retains the Fisher & Paykel Interclub trophy!

OCC was well represented with 6 entries for races 2 and 3 of the Interclub with Russell Boating Club yesterday.

We had work to do with Russell having previously won race 1!

Scores for the top 3 boats for each club count towards overall points and in champagne sailing conditions OCC scored 8 points in the first race of the day with The Racoon 1st, The Business 2nd, and Kantime 5th.

OCC positions in the second race were -The Business 1st, 4 Fox sake 3rd and The Racoon 4th again giving us 8 points.

After some nervous post-race calculations our team’s efforts proved to be enough with OCC winning with 31pts vs RBC’s 36pts to retain that beautiful trophy that sits above the bar in the club.

A big thank you to all the OCC boats who entered to make this possible, and extra special thanks to our Commodore Ian Templeman and his First Lady Merry for being out there all day in the hot sun running the races as our committee boat!

Full results can be found HERE

Russel Boat Club and Opua Cruising Club in the Fisher & Paykel Inter Club Series – Jan 2023
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Commodore’s Party 2022

We had a good turnout for the annual Commodore’s Party last night with members, guests and past Commodores in attendance.  The food was fabulous (thanks Pieni) and this was followed by a very entertaining evening of music and skits orchestrated by Malcolm Shaft and his merry band of club thespians. Cees appeared numerous times along with his trusty props and was hilarious as usual. 

A big thank you to Andy and Imogen who provided the musical support and especially to young Tea Hagen who sang so beautifully for us – Check her out on the video, what a voice!

As usual, a lot goes into making an evening like this come together. 

We would like to thank everyone involved for contributing to what was a very enjoyable evening.

Here is a short clip of some of the highlights.


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Race 10 – North Sails Rum Race Series

We had 13 starters for Race 10 of the North Sail’s twilight Rum race series on Friday with Leto, Sensation and 4 Fox Sake joining for the first time.  Welcome guys! 

Leto really looked beautiful out there.

Some great races within the race between Sensation and Flying Cloud, Nexus and Uenuku and Outlaw, Simply Red and Kantime.

The Business took the win ahead of Simply Red and Outlaw which sets things up for an exciting final two races for the series. 

Results here

Here’s a short on the water video of the race.

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How lucky are we to have a TEAM of quality people like this at our club!

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting and appreciating all the good things we have in life.

As a club, we are so grateful to have this amazing team of people who work hard behind the scenes to make our experiences at the club so enjoyable.

We know it’s not always easy! but we appreciate your smiley faces, great service and yummy food.

These guys give up a lot of their own family time to serve our members so please remember to show your gratitude next time your buzzer goes or you get another drink from the bar.

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Cruising Division – A day to remember – Playing cricket on the Ngatokaparangi spit and overnight cruise.

A day to remember for our cricket match at Ngatokaparangi spit with perfect weather and a good turnout of cruisers and racing boats. It was great to see all age groups there to join in the fun and everyone getting involved! The tide delivered a pitch that was a little more shelly than usual which slowed the barefoot running between wickets and gave us a laugh.

Some tired , happy and sunkissed bodies gathered for a BBQ at the end of the day and those that stayed overnight enjoyed a beautiful walk around Moturua island the next morning.

Our style prize finalists were:

1. The bubbly young Emma Smith with her expert cartwheels along the beach

2. Jill Toplis with her deft shots to the square leg boundary (clearly a cricketer in a previous life)

3. Our floating commentary and spectator team of Matt, Rose, Julie and Bill in the Cuckoo floating spa which anchored on the boundary

But in the end it was hard to go past the graceful spectacle of the magnificently restored Ashby designed classic yacht “Top’sil” at anchor in the beautiful turquoise water next to the spit. She was an absolute picture with her wineglass stern, classic lines and immaculate paint and varnish work. She is a credit to her owners Roger and Charlotte and everyone who has put work and love into her. We don’t unfortunately have a picture of her, (perhaps in a future Tell Tales article?)

Thanks to everyone who were so keen to join in and support this club event. Such a great bunch of people, such a great day and location, and all in our own backyard….. How lucky are we!!!

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Race 2 – North Sails Twilight Rum Race Series – 7th October 2022

Last night saw 9 boats on the water for race 2 of the North Sails Twilight rum race series. The wind stayed in long enough to have most of the fleet closing up for the final run to the finish before dying completely. Unfortunately, Vertigo our race leader just couldn’t make it across the finish line in time before the 7.45 cutoff and we had to abandon the race.

Great to see the fleet growing and lots of younger sailors taking the opportunity to get out there and have some fun.

A big welcome to the Ross 40 “The Farm” (ex Te Rauparaha) who have joined the fleet along with Nexus, Hot Pursuit and Kantime.

With no first prize to be claimed there was only one bottle of rum to be won in the draw and “Outlaw” who should be renamed “ The Rum Race Robbers” won their second bottle of rum in as many weeks! Well done team!

Also on the water to watch the finish were Rose and Matt from “Cuckoo” who positioned their floating spa on the visitors jetty to get the best view while having a relaxing soak!! Only in Opua!! Check them out in the video.

To give us the best chance of getting a result each week your race officer has decided that if needed the Officer of the day should have the ability to ask boats to self-finish on the transit line between the Okiato pole and the white leading light beacon just North of English bay. If asked to, boats will radio in on Channel 77 as they cross the line to record their finish and this could help avoid the sometimes tricky conditions in the channel in a dying breeze. The pursuit race instructions and course map on the website have been adjusted accordingly.

A big thank you to our Commodore Ian Templeman for running the race and everyone who came out to play.

Such a great atmosphere with so many happy faces in the club after racing, we look forward to seeing you all again next Friday!

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Race 1 – North Sails Spring Twilight Series – Race Report

Pretty extreme conditions for our first North Sails Spring Rum race with heavy rain and only about 8 or 9 knots of wind. It was so wet that the telltales were permanently stuck to the sail!

Frivolous Fish headed off first followed a short time later by Martin on Vertigo who was sailing single-handed. In the end, it was a day for the “Greyhounds” with Buzz taking out the win after starting last and sailing through everyone else.

Well done to Bill and Julie!

Outlaw sailed well to finish second and Frivolous finished third.

Bill and Julie took home the bottle of Rum for their first place and Outlaw were drawn out of the other entries to win the other bottle.

A big thank you to our sponsors North Sails and all those who braved the conditions to get out there and have some fun. All those that raced enjoyed the pursuit race format and we look forward to growing this fleet as conditions improve and the season progresses.

Start times for the next race will be adjusted based on results and will be available on the OCC website shortly.

Make contact if you would like to join in the fun next Friday afternoon.

Here is a short clip of the action.

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We are HIRING – Join The Team

We have a vacancy available to join our team. We are looking for friendly, professional and flexible individuals who can help us run the bar. If you have worked in a similar environment or are looking to gain some experience within the hospitality sector, then don’t delay and give Chris a call today.
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2022-2023 Race Season Briefing

Everyone is welcome! Skippers, crew members, supporters and anyone who is interested to find out more about the race season ahead. Paul (Buddha) Smith, our Race Officer will be there to discuss the programme of events and run through the sailing instructions, courses, start procedures and to answer any question you may have.

We have prepared an Information Race Pack, so come along and pick one up so you will be all set for an exciting season of fun racing.

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