Working Bee

Saturday 1/8/2015 – Working Bee Major Cleanup by Dinghy Shed – start 9.30 am

Working bee, to tidy up the two storage sheds and boat storage area. This is long overdue and will be major tidy up.

If you have any gear or boats that are yours and you want to retain what’s yours, please remove it by the 1st of August. 

If you are unable to do so, please phone me or email and we can arrange something. Any gear not claimed or removed will be disposed or sold, with any funds received going into the dinghy sailing fund.

If you have a boat or trailer in the boat storage area, we would like you to show up and help tidy up.

We are looking at a bit of metal to fill holes, trimming of overhanging branches, weed spraying, etc., A general well overdue cleanup.
If anyone can help, please do so, we will be starting around 9.30, even if you can not make it then, but later, I am sure we are there.
Regards and Thanks,
Peter Boyd

Ph 0274 942 492 or  email