With a forecast of SE 25 knots gusting 35 this Friday’s North Sails Twilight Rum race was always going to be challenging. In fact, 2 hours before the race as the rain bucketed down and the wind howled many crews were saying “do we really want to go out in this!”

In the end, 5 intrepid crews did get out on the water and spent their leadup time to their individual starts trying to preserve sails in the lee of Tapu point or getting organized in terms of how they were going to manage the boat in the conditions.

Frivolous fish was first out of the box and was seen planing spectacularly down towards English bay with just two up and a full rig, they certainly had their hands full! The Racoon was soon hot on their heels powered up with a 4 man crew, especially for the conditions. The broad reach/run down to Southerns initially provided some impressive surfing with boats right on the edge. The wind then moderated a little and The Racoon was able to slip past Frivolous.

The Business had a little too much outhaul on and managed to rip the tack out of the mainsail but got the sail under control using the cunningham. Outlaw had issues of their own with their genoa halyard giving way in the conditions. They sailed most of the leg from Southerns to Caters with just the main up as they worked to drop the genoa and re-hoist using the kite halyard. Good work team!

On the final beat home, The Business managed to slip past The Racoon and the race was then on to try and get across the line ahead of the fast-finishing “Buzz”. In the end, the tacking up the channel slowed Buzz’s charge and The Business held on for the win with The Racoon second and Buzz third.

Well done to everyone for getting out there and as someone said later “you certainly feel alive after a sail like that!”

As usual, a great atmosphere at the club afterwards as war stories were swapped over a great meal and a few beverages. How lucky are we!

The Racoon took out the draw for the second Rum bottle much to Buddha’s delight, our thanks again to our sponsors North sails.

After two races Buzz lead the 12-race series with Frivolous, Outlaw and The Business all tied for second place.

Thank you to Charly on “Outlaw” for the great shots and onboard video. Going forward we hope more boats will send through shots and videos to opuaccpublicity@gmail.com for inclusion in a weekly wrap up video of the race.

Thanks to all who participated and to Gregg for running the race for us!

See you all next Friday.