We hope everyone has hunkered down and is coping with cyclone Gabriel’s onslaught.

In the rainy weather, we have had some time to put together a short video of our twilight rum race on Friday.

Our twilight rum racing fleet grew to 15 boats on Friday with three beautiful gaff-rigged classics joining in the action.

Terry Dunn entered his Logan designed “Aotere” for the first time and was joined by “Leto” and “Balaena”. The three gaffers all started together and looked magnificent as they headed off down to Southerns.

In a lovely 10-knot Southeasterly “Saltshaker” proved hard to catch, finishing first ahead of “Nexus” with “The Business” third.

“Aotere” accounted well for herself to finish just ahead of “Outlaw” in 10th, well done Terry and crew!

Congrats to “Angry Dragon” who in addition to finishing 4th also won the draw.