A day to remember for our cricket match at Ngatokaparangi spit with perfect weather and a good turnout of cruisers and racing boats. It was great to see all age groups there to join in the fun and everyone getting involved! The tide delivered a pitch that was a little more shelly than usual which slowed the barefoot running between wickets and gave us a laugh.

Some tired , happy and sunkissed bodies gathered for a BBQ at the end of the day and those that stayed overnight enjoyed a beautiful walk around Moturua island the next morning.

Our style prize finalists were:

1. The bubbly young Emma Smith with her expert cartwheels along the beach

2. Jill Toplis with her deft shots to the square leg boundary (clearly a cricketer in a previous life)

3. Our floating commentary and spectator team of Matt, Rose, Julie and Bill in the Cuckoo floating spa which anchored on the boundary

But in the end it was hard to go past the graceful spectacle of the magnificently restored Ashby designed classic yacht “Top’sil” at anchor in the beautiful turquoise water next to the spit. She was an absolute picture with her wineglass stern, classic lines and immaculate paint and varnish work. She is a credit to her owners Roger and Charlotte and everyone who has put work and love into her. We don’t unfortunately have a picture of her, (perhaps in a future Tell Tales article?)

Thanks to everyone who were so keen to join in and support this club event. Such a great bunch of people, such a great day and location, and all in our own backyard….. How lucky are we!!!