Inter-Club 7th April – KCC, OCC, RBC, BOIYC

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We have now come up with all the necessary details for the Interclub race on Saturday April the 7th. For the NOR and Sailing Instructions follow  the link on the front page.

After the race our club bar and restaurant will be open with drinks and food available from 4.00 pm onwards. We have arranged for there to be a BBQ meal available for those that want it with the details as follows ;
BBQ    marinated chicken breast , steak , or sausages  accompanied by scalloped potatoes , green salad and a choice of breads.  Cost  $ 18  per head.  This will be available at any time from 4.00 pm until later for those who wish to stay and socialise longer.

 Yachts can tie up to our breakwater which  is fairly long and would probably accommodate most if not all.  Anyone wanting to make an evening of it and stay over can as an option book a marina berth for the night by ringing our office on 09 4079434.

 We are charging a small entry fee ( $10 ) to cover costs of prizes etc.  Please note the part of the NOR regarding payment of this fee which should be paid before the event.  We plan to hand course sheets out at the  start so there is an option for that fee to be paid either then or at our clubhouse afterwards.

 We are looking forward to an all round good day’s sailing and socialising afterwards.