Additional Sailing Events over the Christmas Period

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Christmas Fun Race Wednesday 20/12

Mark Foy Start
Course  rules and start positions will be available from the Clubhouse
from 1600hrs on the day

Since it was so much fun last year, we will do it again… but a bit different!

Race Rules
Rule 1
This is a fun race,  so having fun is compulsory therefore buckets, and water pistols are highly recommended (please refrain from using water/flour bombs – bad plastic)
Rule 2
A dinghy must be towed by all yachts with the exception of Tornadoes and other Catamarans and any sailing dinghies.
Rule 3 Mark roundings
No yacht will round the marks; a crew member is to be dispatched in the dinghy to round the mark as described for the course and then when the crew member is back aboard, the yacht will continue on the next leg.
This is to be completed for all the marks.
The exceptions to Rule 2, not towing a Dinghy, will have to round all marks twice.
Rule 4 Finishing
No yacht may pass over the finish line before their dinghy. The yacht must pass the Okiato side of the post channel marker and retrieve the dinghy and crew member from the finished side of the line.
The yachts sailing under the exception to rule 2 must without sail assistance paddle the yacht over the finish line.

Brampton Blast 2018

Friday 5 January 2018 – start 1800hrs

ONE DIVISION only – course 37
If the first boat doesn’t reach Northern Channel Markers by 1900hrs, the course is automatically shortened to “round Northern Channel Markers both to Port then proceed to Finish.”