2017 – 2018 Annual Prize Giving

Yacht Trophy Winners                         Special Awards

 Seapower 2 Handed Series 2017-2018                        Officer of the Day (Marlin Spike)
1st          You Two                                                                       Paul Braun
2nd          Kotahi Rua
3rd           Nexus                                                                           Crash Trophy (Crash Helmet)
                                                                                                         Hot Persuit

 NSR 2017 Open Winter Series                                          Member(s) of the Year
1st           Nexus                                                                            Vera Hausmann and Ernesto Mader-Mathheis
2nd          Kantime
3rd           You Two

 Burnsco 2017 Winter Ladies Series
1st          Nexus
2nd          You Two
3rd           Javelin 366

Burnsco Ladies 2017 2018 Series
1st           You Two
2nd          Nexus
3rd           Jigsaw

 BOI Boat Yard A Division Summer 2018 Series
1st           Mr Wolf
2nd          Kantime
3rd           California Kiwi

BOI Boat Yard B Division Summer 2018 Series
1st           Hot Pursuit
2nd          Vertigo
3rd           Nexus

BOI Boat Yard Windward Leeward 2018 Sprints
1st           Vertigo
2nd          Jagged Edge
3rd           Black Magic

 Road Runner Tavern Rum Race Series 2017-2018
1st           Vertigo
2nd          Hot Pursuit
3rd           Black Magic

 Cater Marine A Division Spring 2017 Series
1st          Kantime
2nd          Mr Wolf
3rd           Vertigo

Cater Marine B Division Spring 2017 Series
1st           You Two
2nd          Black Magic
3rd           Hot Pursuit