Mark Foy Start Times – 23/12/2015

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You can synchronise your watch with the starter’s clock from 1630hrs at the club. The start times will also be displayed at the club room by then.
Mithril 1720hrs Peter Kriz
Kotahi Rua 1727hrs Les Alderton
Kuaka 1727hrs Doug Bogardus
Gambler 1728hrs Ray Lemon
Frantic 1729hrs Rob Gally
Black Swan 1730hrs Helen Horrocks
Bon Accord 1730hrs Ken Smyth
Saltshaker 1730hrs Andy Newton
Savant 1730hrs Guy
Straw Camel 1730hrs Derek Edwards
Nexus 1731hrs Cees Romeyn
Weatherly 1731hrs Tony Kiff
You Two 1732hrs Ian Templeman
Frivolous Fish 1733hrs David Krebs
Lambada 1733hrs Darren Crawford
Cut Lunch 1734hrs Chris Hornell
Vertigo 1734hrs Martin Clark
Jagged Edge 1735hrs Paul Smith
Kantime 1738hrs Nev Campbell
Cadillac 1739hrs Grant Bartlett
California Kiwi 1739hrs Garry Hack
Orange Peeler 1750hrs Grant McInnes
A Cat 1757hrs Tom Block
Mr T 1759hrs Dave Lineham
Arriba 1802hrs Wayne Limbrick
Yahoo 1802hrs Bill Kidman