⛵ the future of our club sport ✅

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please help us to move forward

We are looking for people interested in helping to form a subcommittee for the Dinghy Sailing. This can include:

  • learn to sail (adults and youth)
  • competitive dinghy sailing
  • junior advanced dinghy sailing
  • ladies sailing

We feel that the future in our club is with not only the youth sailing but also with adults who’d like to take up sailing and join our club activities.

We will be having a quick meeting at the club, this Friday 4/9 at 4.30 pm, to bounce a few ideas around and get the ball rolling.

This meeting is just prior to the Membership Draw – we hope to see you there and help us to maintain the interest in our sport.

Best Regards,

Peter Boyd
Dinghy Sailing Co-Ordinator
0274 942 492