Summer Racing 2014 & Handicaps

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Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a warm fine start to the summer race schedule. Those thinking of getting back out on the race track may find an attractive incentive in the generous sponsor contribution for Wednesday twilight racing. Ashby’s Boat yard have donated a free lift-out to be drawn every Wednesday. The draw is amongst only those yachts which compete.

The Seapower 2-handed series has only one more race to sail and a number of potential winners.

Along with the latest results I have included a spreadsheet which shows the working leading to the latest handicap adjustments. If you can follow the workings you will find I have compared every yacht’s corrected time for each race with the average corrected time of that race and then tracked the notable variances to consider the adjustments.  I will continue to do this from time to time.
Paul France – Racing Secretary