Spring Racing Week 6

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the gap in results last week due to me being down country.There has been some great racing in the past fortnight although very light conditions are still getting in the way from time to time. A personal plea for more competitors in the Seapower 2-handed series.  This is great fun, and the two races so far have been excellent Sunday afternoon sails but with disappointing entries from OCC.  Next in the series is December 15 with a 2pm start.

Also with this email is a roster till Christmas for DUTY BOAT on Wednesday evenings.  Manuela puts the expectation much better than I do …..

Duty Boat – what does it mean?
As the duty boat you and your crew will be in charge (on a Wednesday Night) of the wellbeing of the clubroom: Clear tables, wash glasses and help at the bar if there is a huge influx of thirsty people. A very easy and simple job that you and your crew have to take on once (yes only one time) during a whole racing season. It is a great opportunity to do your bit in our club.  And as the name says “Duty Boat” not “Option Boat” – as we really don’t get asked often to help out ;-)
Manuela – OCC’s official Whip-Cracker  
If you and your crew cannot be on duty as per the roster, the plan is that you find a replacement boat.
RegardsPaul France – Racing Secretary