Female Crew Wanted for Coastal Classic & More

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My name is Ashley Rogers (some of you may know me and some of you may not) and I have just recently purchased a 28ft Double Diagonal Kauri Sailing Yacht named Strider. She has a proven offshore sailing background in both cruising and racing. In the 70’s just after she was built, she did the Auckland to Suva race with the builder/owner of the boat, Sandy Jone’s. He kept her up there for a while for work and cruising. I met with Sandy when I first purchased her as he was the one bidding against me to win her back, Sandy did mention that she used to do harbour racing as well and did reasonably well. Then she was sold and  moved to the south Island and was a home to a man studying to be a doctor. Then Lindsay Wright bought her and got her ready to do the Trans Tasman Solo Yacht Race in 2010, but fell ill and sent the previous owner as the skipper instead; she completed the race in 11days 4hours. Lindsay then sold her to Nick the previous owner to me, and he circumnavigated around NZ, after completing this journey he put her up for sale and that is where I come into the picture. I have only owned my boat for about a month. 
Been working hard to empty and clean her out and also to find all the little bits and pieces that need repairing. I have had many friends in the sailing world from people in the industry such as boat builders, sail makers and riggers to just regular other boat owners. Everyone is helping me either physically or simply giving me advice on what needs to be done to her or how to go about doing stuff on my own. This week I had a Cat inspector come down to have a look and to advise me on what I need to do to her to have her up to Cat 3 regulations so I can compete in the Coastal Classic Yacht race this year.
I believe that I am capable of getting her ready in time, but I am lacking crew. I really want to support woman sailing thus I am trying to form an all woman’s team, especially since this years Coastal they are supporting the woman’s sailing by creating a woman’s division. But if in the end I cannot get enough women together, I might end up going with a mixed crew. I will also be looking for crew for other races like Auckland to Tauranga, Around White Island, 3 Kings, A to B, Fiji, Noumea, Simrad…so forth and so on. Would be nice to find committed crew and woman that are interested in doing most of these other races as well. 
A bit about me and plans are that for the next 4 years and a bit I am trying to get my boat as well as myself ready to do the 2018 Solo Trans Tasman Race. I will be focusing mainly on all long distance, Coastal and Offshore races with my boat, whilst still doing the harbour racing on other boats. Will start with being fully crewed and slowly will be removing crew until I feel completely sure of myself to sail all on my own, but obviously this will take a lot of time and practice. 
Please feel free to contact me via email or by phone 0211706138 (best is after 1pm)
Kind regards,
Ashley Rogers

Below I have pasted a copy of my Sailing background and certificates I hold:


Competent Crew
MROC – Radio License
STCW – Sea Survival, First Aid & Fire Fighting
Currently Working on Boatmasters and would like to continue all the way to Ocean Yachtmasters
Scuba Diving Instructor & Clean Hull’s

Sailing History….Have done all of this in just under two years. Went from nothing and being afraid of sailing to being a total addict. People I sail with on a regular basis can vouch for me. I will admit I am no superstar, but I always want to keep learning and am always very keen when it comes to sailing.

Harbour racing:

  • Spring and Summer SeriesTuesday’s Lady for both PCC and Squadron  2012-2013: on Ross 930’s Meanstreak and Ballistic – Bow (With Ballistic we won 1st place for the Squadron series)
  • Summer Series Wednesday’s for both Richmond and Squadron 2012-2013: Y11 Fineline – Bow (We won 1st on both series)
  • Friday Rum racing Squadron summer 2011 to date: 52ft Racer Keeler Systems Thunder – Bow
  • Winter Series Squadron 2012: 52ft Racer Keeler System’s Thunder – Bow
  • Winter Series Squadron 2012: Farr 40 Pacific Sundance – Runners/Bow
* Have raced on other various boats as well, including a few more Ross 930’s, Elliot 1350’s & 1050’s, Trimaran – Timberwolf & Hurts Like Heaven, and a Flying 15….probably more, hard to keep up!

Coastal’s & Regatta’s:

  • 2 Coastal Classic’s 2011 & 2012: Y11 Fineline
  • BMW Regatta 2012: Y11 Fineline
  • Nexus Gold Cup 2012/2013: 8.5 Trimaran Hurts Like Heaven
  • 2 Commodore Cup’s 2011/2012 & 2012/2011: 52ft Racer Keeler System’s Thunder
  • Auckland Regatta 2013: Ross 930 Light Foot
  • Route 66 2013: Y11 Fineline (First mono over the line from Auckland)
Offshore race’s:

  • Auckland to Noumea 2012: Beneteau First 51 – Iolanthe
  • Around 3 Kings 2013: Farr 40 – Pacific Sundance


  • Auckland to Bluff 2011: 10 day’s, 7 crew – Tiama a one off 50ft design
  • Auckland to Tahiti 2012: 15 day’s, 3 crew – Wilhelm a Beneteau 42.3
  • Auckland to Tauranga 2012: 2 day’s, 2 crew – 2 to Tango a 10.6m cat

*This summer was out cruising most weekend’s 2 handedly on a Young88. Had an interesting Easter adventure pulling an all nighter and some on a Raven with two others to make it out to Great Barrier, then followed to Coromandel and on the way back a stop in Waiheke!