OCC/RBC Interclub Race 2 Results

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A blustery, close-hauled start to race 2 made for some real entertainment, with plenty of close calls and the odd friendly bump between the 15 boats on the start line. No harm was done though, and once beyond the confines of the start-line-to-Okiato area, the fleet widened out.

The course took the 11 Opua boats and 4 Russell boats on a close reach to Brampton Buoy, where Overdraft executed a swift penalty turn to make up for their unrequited kiss of Kantime at the start.

Around the buoy, kites were hoisted for the long run down to Paramena. Briefly protected by Roberton Island it felt as though it might be time to upgrade the headsail, but any such thoughts were quickly quashed as we felt the full force of the breeze again in the gaps between islands.

Rounding Paramena it was back on the wind again to Brampton, with the faster boats taking full advantage of the prevailing breeze to run back down to the finish line in double-quick time. The boats at the back however had less luck, the wind clocking round to the west and eventually south west, ensuring there was no easy run for us to finish the race.

Instead, a dying breeze had us alternating at times between a close, beam and broad reach, with the occasional grinding halt thrown in for good measure. The insipid wind further widened the gap between the leading and trailing boats, in a typical ‘rich get richer, poor get poorer’ type of race.

The results reflected the conditions, with the first boats on line taking out the top positions on handicap as well – Kantime in 1st, Caprice 2nd and Jagged Edge 3rd. Somehow, even with OCC taking 1st, 3rd and 4th, with Russell boats in 2nd and 5th positions, RBC still managed to pip us on points. So, it all comes down to the final – race 3 on Sunday 9th June.

Opua Russell Interclub 2 Results