Racing Season Draws to a Close

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Tonight – Last Ashby’s Boatyard Series Race – Rescheduled Tsunami Race 4

A Division has only 3 points in it between 1st and 3rd. B Division also has 3 points in it between 2nd and 4th, and in C division, can Saltshaker take the top spot away from Cats Paw?

Ashbys Boat Yard All Div 11 completed Summer 2013 Series Results

Anne of Craicor and Makana Confections Ladies Race Final Result

Well done to Frantic 1st, with Nexus 2nd and the Hogwarts Express arriving in time to take 3rd just a couple of points over Kantime.

Ladies Summer 2012 2013 Series R11 Final Results

Road Runner Tavern Final Race Friday

Kantime looks a fairly safe bet for 1st, but will Casco make it to the start line, to hold out Nexus and Orange Peeler for 2nd and 3rd?