Seapower & Roadrunner results

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Seapower 2 Handed Race 3

Somewhat of a record turnout for the Seapower 2 Handed race on Sunday. We had 9 boats competing in very pleasant conditions, although a little too calm at the start.

Cats Paw 1st Casco 2nd and Nexus 3rd. Thanks to Brian our starter. Best start to the backup Overdraft crew.

Next race 13 January at the revised time of 1400hrs.

Seapower 2-Handed R3 results here.

Road Runner Tavern Rum Race

Thanks to our starter Chris Ball and the Road Runner. 1st to Kantime 2nd Nexus and 3rd Sensation. Welcome to back to Stu with My Size. They had a great start, until a main sail clew ring breakage slowed things down a bit.

Roadrunner Rum R5 results here.