Cater Marine R10 results

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Results and write-up from last night’s Cater Marine series. Many thanks to our Racing Secretary David Krebs for all the race write-ups – keep ’em coming! :-)

Cater Marine Wednesday Night Race 10 (5th Dec)

A strong turn out from B and C Divisions for the second to last race in this series. Kantime the only entry in A Division, so no result. The minor placings are up for grabs next week between California Kiwi and Jagged Edge. Will the 3 boats turn up to make a race of it and decide the series? What is the future for A Division after Christmas?

Libertee makes its presence felt with 1st in B Division, with Frantic the solid performer 2nd and Nexus having a slightly ruffled night 3rd just ahead of Bon Accord. Weather conditions for the final race in the series may determine the 2nd and 3rd placings between  Cut Lunch and Nexus next Wednesday. Best start to Nexus.

Close results in C Division with Appaloosa 1st , Saltshaker at 3 seconds behind 2nd and the consistent Cats Paw 3rd. With the final race and the 2nd discard in the series next week, we could see Saltshaker back to top spot ahead of Cats Paw.

Thanks to Mona our starter  and our sponsors Cater Marine.Results from all divisions (A, B & C) up to Race 10 can be downloaded here.