Cater Marine & Ladies Race results

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Here’s the latest round of results from the Cater Marine & Ladies races:

Cater Marine Wednesday Night Race 9 (28th Nov)

A Division had California Kiwi 1st Kantime 2nd and Tom on the 252 Cat 3rd. Will Kantime hold on for a series win with 2 races to go?

B Division had Bon Accord 1st with Nexus 2nd and Frantic 3rd .

C Division has some very competitive entries. Appaloosa 1st Cats Paw 2nd and Chirembo 3rd. Saltshaker, who is a strong contender for the series, had a unfortunate night and will need to review the finer points of the “Restricted Areas” rule prior to the next race. Remember the Sailing Instructions are available here.

One race left to drop in this division next Wednesday.

Results from all divisions (A, B & C) up to Race 9 can be downloaded here.

Anne of Craicor and Makana Confections Race 5 (30th Nov)

What seemed to the spectators at OCC as a nice sailing breeze, turned out to be one of the more challenging nights of the season for competitors. A squall came through once the fleet rounded the Dave Hesketh Plumbing mark and ran downwind towards the Cater Marine mark.

Kantime carried on past Caters and headed on to the more sheltered waters of Pomare Bay to regroup. Hogwarts Express was again awarded the paddle for further developing their sea anchor programme of speed control, with the helmsperson attempting to walk on water. Nexus came through the epic 1st followed by Libertee 2nd and Cats Paw 3rd. Best start to Nexus.

Results to race 5 can be downloaded here.