Cater’s & Ladies Race Results

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Cater Marine Wednesday Night Race 8
Fortunately, the light winds held in for all boats to finish. Prior to the start it looked like a drifter, with a strong outgoing tide. Only Jagged Edge ventured out from A Division, but there was a strong turnout from B & C Divisions. Best start went to Cats Paw, taking out the spot prize that is made possible by our mark sponsors. First in B Division to Overdraft, 2nd Nexus and 3rd Frantic. In C Division Appaloosa 1st also picking up one of the three lucky draw prizes provided by our sponsor Cater Marine, Casco a close 2nd and Cats Paw 3rd.Results from all divisions (A, B & C) up to Race 8 can be downloaded here.
Anne of Craicor & Makana Confections Ladies Race 4
Thanks to our sponsors and to Rob as our starter. A close finish on corrected time between 1st to Cut Lunch, 2nd Kantime, with Nexus 3rd leading the next bunch. Paddle awarded to Jagged Edge for not negotiating the ODM according to the sailing instructions.

A reminder of one of the rules relating to ODM:
14.3 All yachts, after starting, shall pass the ODM to the channel side when racing.

Results up to Race 4 can be downloaded here.

A reminder to keep clear of other divisions starting

Occasionally we have problems with boats interfering with another Division’s start, not to mention causing grief for the starter.

For various reasons all divisions will not always start in the same direction. This means competitors do need to look at the course signs for all divisions as part of their pre race strategy.

Tip of the Day: On the course sheet numbers 1 to 16 “generally” head down the Waikare, while course numbers 17 to 38 “generally” head towards Paihia.

Do you put yourself at risk if you interfere with another division, albeit unintentionally? What do the rules we race under say:


23.1 If reasonably possible, a boat not racing shall not interfere with a boat that is racing.

23.2 Except when sailing her proper course, a boat shall not interfere with a boat taking a penalty or sailing on another leg.

The OCC Sailing Instructions 2012-2013

11 d) Any division that has not entered its start sequence must stay well clear of the division that is starting. In the start sequence period, boats in other divisions are expected to be in a position that avoids interfering with racing yachts.

If you end up in this unfortunate situation, what could get you out of trouble? An apology – maybe. Would a penalty turn under RRS 44 exonerate you?