OCC Handicaps

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant

Should any entry in OCC Racing be concerned that their boat’s handicap does not reflect their opinion of their ability, then the following advice should assist. To ensure fairness to all, your first step should be to ensure you have actually entered your boat in the season’s racing and have paid your race fees. The entry fee for the season is $80 and the entry registration can be made on line on the club’s website.


Your next step should be to discuss your boat’s handicap with your fleet captain. The fleet captains are – A Division Nev, B Division  Chris and C Division Graeme Munroe. The Race Committee, who jointly, have the ultimate responsibility for the handicaps is, David Krebs OCC Sailing Secretary, Ian Templman, Chris Hornell, and Cees.


The Race committee, in fairness to all entries, will discuss your situation with the fleet captain, as they watch you race most regularly.


If you are a new boat to OCC Racing, please do not have the expectation to win first time out. Like it or not, traditionally, OCC handicaps, like most clubs are performance based. In fairness to all entries, a boat’s handicap is adjusted over a number of races.


OCC currently races under the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009 to 2012 and if you wish to race, please do so in the spirit of good sportsmanship and go out and enjoy the season’s racing.