Wet & Forget Race 4 Roundup

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Thanks to RBC turning out to make up the 3 boats for a scored race. The crews from Nexus and Frivolous Fish were sitting in OCC club rooms with Ian  OOD, pondering  what might have been if  a 3rd boat showed up to race … when out of the mist and rain emerged the Russell Boating  Club representative  Caprice.

Ian realigned the start line,  and a little after the scheduled start time,  it was race on. Congratulations to Caprice for a well deserved 1st.. .  The Wet & Forget 1St prize “Miss Moffat’s Revenge” is in the mail.  2nd to Nexus, 3rd Frivolous Fish.

The post match discussion  agreed that Caprice had sailed to Russell and back 3 times versus the 2 times for the rest of the fleet, but all had to admit it was a well deserved result, leaving the series wide open with 4 races remaining.

Results can be found here