Anne of Craicor & Makana Confections Race 2

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Anne of Craicor & Makana Confections Race 2

A great day with blue skies, but sadly not a lot of wind, with the 10knot NE not arriving quite as predicted.  Best start on the line goes to Nexus, with Kantime crossing the start line 4 minutes later  due to the tide winning over the wind.  One would have expected an  uneventful drifter of a race. However, this was not to eventuate, with the race result breezing into a protest hearing, focused course shortening. The Protest committee held that the correct steps were followed in lodging the protest and it continued with the hearing. After hearing the pros and cons, it was apparent that the course was not shortened according to the Rule 32 and subsections of RRS. The decision: Race 2 of the series is annulled.


Tip of the day:

If boats sailing decide the course should be shortened, at some mark away from the start box, then contact the Officer of the Day, unless you are absolutely sure all racing boats are in agreement.


How to contact the RO:

Weekends: It is unlikely the RO will be sitting in the race box expectantly waiting for your VHF call. VHF does not work very well from the Paihia side of the course, due to buildings blocking line of sight. The Race Officer’s mobile number is written on the course sheet and you should call that, if the VHF is unsuccessful. A mobile phone is a great safety item and cost less than $39. To ensure you get a result recorded, the RO should also be called on the mobile number when the leading boat is 30 minutes away from the finish line.


Weeknights in Summer : as the club is in full swing, there is no need to advise as approaching the finish line, but you do need to talk to the OOD regarding course shortening.


David Krebs

OCC Sailing Secretary