Proposed new OCC Constitution

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A Special General Meeting (SGM) has been called by the Committee to review the OCC Constitution. The SGM has been scheduled for Tuesday 22nd May at 7pm. At the SGM, the Committee would like to propose a number of changes to the OCC Constitution & Rules. This document has remained relatively unchanged in decades, and we (the Committee) feel it needs to be brought up to date, as the club moves forward into a new and even more successful era.

The Constitution is effectively what describes the purpose, function and operating rules of the Opua Cruising Club. It covers such subjects as the club’s objectives, membership categories, how club members and committee members are selected, and much more. So it really is worth reading if you are an OCC member, because it affects how your club is run.

Full members of the club should now have received a copy of the draft new Constitution by post, along with an invitation to the SGM. All full members are invited to come to the SGM to vote on the proposed changes, although anyone is welcome to attend the meeting, regardless of membership status.

You can download the documents in question below, including the ‘active’ 2005 Constitution, the minor amendments made in 2010, and the draft proposed new Constitution for 2012. If you have any questions about the proposed new Constitution, or are curious about the reasons for any of the changes, please feel free to speak to any Committee member, either at the club in person, or you can contact us via our contact details on the Committee page.

OCC Constitution 2005 (the currently ‘active’ Constitution)
OCC Constitution amendments 2010 (minor changes made in 2010)
OCC Proposed Constitution 2012 – DRAFT (the updated Constitution proposed by the current OCC Committee)

SGM – Tuesday 22nd May at 7:00pm
We do hope you decide to come along to the SGM and get involved in the future of OCC. We look forward to seeing you there, and we really value your opinion and your support. After all, a club is nothing without its members. Thanks! :-)