Another Update on NRC Navigation Safety Bylaw Review

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Council Proposal to Stop the Sale of Moorings in Mooring Zones

Following up on an earlier post, we’d like to report that the Hearings Committee of the Northland Regional Council met to deliberate on 16 May 2012. ‘Deliberations’ are a formal part of the Council’s decision-making process after public consultation. During the deliberations, the Committee reflected on what submitters said and wrote, and then decided on its recommendation to Council regarding the proposed changes to the Navigation Safety Bylaw.

With respect to the Council proposal to stop the sale of moorings in mooring zones, the Hearings Committee agreed with the staff recommendation not to proceed with the proposal to restrict the transfer of moorings. That is to say, the status quo remains.

Minutes of the deliberations will be uploaded on to the website in the next few days (

The Committee recommendation now goes to the full council for a final decision at its 19 June 2012 meeting.