Whangaroa Race results

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I’m a bit slow off the mark with this one, but here are the official results from last month’s 45th annual Whnagaroa Race, organised by the Bay of Islands Yacht Club.

First on line were Kia Kaha, with mostly female crew (I think the boys all wussed out after a tough Bay Week – pah! Just can’t hack the pace ay?) They finished a good 20 minutes before the other competitors started to arrive, but sadly just missed the previous race record set by Chris Hornell a few years back on Revs!

Results on handicap:
1. Bare Essentials
2. Kantime
3. Shingetsu
4. Kia Kaha
5. Paper Chase (1st trailer)
6. California Kiwi
7. RNB
8. Coyote Blue (2nd trailer)
9. Exploding Teardrop (3rd trailer)
10. Libertee
11. Black Panther
12. Overspray (DNF, and recipient of the ‘Grotty Oar’ for reputedly fishing off Ninepin)

Cruising Division:
1. Laurabada
2. Providence
3. Grace

1. Unphased
2. Second Wind