Racing Results

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Well we had a real sitter for last night’s Ashby’s Summer Series Race 3. A shortened course for the A division (how often does that happen?!) and the race abandoned altogether in C division, after a hugely exciting drift around the Waikare. Racing in C Division myself, I can attest to there being numerous near-collisions, and many a call of “starboard” during the race. Fortunately everything happened in super-slow-motion, so casualties were miraculously avoided.

Results on handicap:
A Division

1 Titan
2 Orange Peeler
3 Mr Wolf
4 Kantime (DNF)
4 California Kiwi (DNF)

B Division
1 Cut Lunch
2 Wetherley
3 Icebreaker
4 Hogwarts Express
5 Nexus
6 Animal Crackers
7 Appaloosa
8 Frantic
9 Bon Accord
10 Frivolous Fish
11 Libertee
12 Delinquent

C Division
1 Cats Paw DNF
1 Saltshaker DNF
1 Desperado DNF
1 Gambler DNF
1 Sala DNF
1 Rayah DNF

The haul-out was won by Frivolous Fish, who assured the jeering crowds at the club that they DO have a good use for it! :-)

Results of last Friday’s Anne of Craicor & Makana Ladies Race:
1 Hogwarts Express
2 Traila A
3 Nexus
4 Kantime
5 Frantic
6 Libertee
7 Rayah
8 Sala