Battle-of-wills ‘race’ in windless conditions

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Season's first win for Frantic in B Div - just goes to show it pays to persevere!

Last night’s “race” was a battle of wills in drizzly and deathly still conditions. However, there were some who persevered and eventually crossed the line. On handicap – an epic win by helmswoman Michelle Elvy and her crew Luke & Rob on Frantic. Nexus was second on line and handicap, and Frivolous Fish took line-honours and third on handicap.

Meanwhile the rest of the nine-boat-fleet (seven in B Division and one each from A and C Divisions) upped anchor and dropped sails after 40 minutes of drifting backwards and sideways. Cut Lunch apparently passed the moored Lion New Zealand three times. However, Manuela assures me the calmness and quiet out on the water was ever so soothing.

The lift out lucky draw went to Gambler! Thanks to Ashby’s Boat Yard for putting up such a generous prize each week.

A Division
1. Titan (race abandoned)

B Division
1 Frantic
2 Nexus
3 Frivolous Fish
4 Cut Lunch (DNF)
4 Animal Crackers (DNF)
4 Icebreaker (DNF)
4 Hogwarts Express (DNF)

C Division
1 Gambler (race abandoned)