Start the New Year with your own boat

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You may be able to 'own' an OCC dinghy at no cost. Contact Ian Templeman if you are interested.

To all Youth Sailing Mums, Dads and Young Sailors:

Start the New Year with your own boat

Due to the generosity of our sponsors, OCC now has an unbelievably large fleet of dinghies. We will continue to use our Splashes, Starlings, Optimists and Firebugs for club training and racing, but if you would like to sail more frequently than just the club-organised training sessions,we are proposing to charter out some of our Optimist, P Class and possibly Firebugs for individual use by club members.

How would this work?

Well let’s say you wanted your ‘own’ Optimist for a couple of years. The club would loan you a boat for your own personal use and there would be no cost – you can even paint it whatever colour you like and give it a new name. You would just sign an agreement that at the end of the loan period you would return the boat to the club in the same condition as when you took it over. The boat would continue to live in the OCC boat shed but you could have access to it at any time. There would be some safety regulations regarding its use and having adequate safety boat cover, but the hope is that this arrangement would involve more parents and we could therefore have more approved safety boat drivers, and the only cost would be fuel for the safety boat.

If you are interested please give me a call.

Ian Templeman

09 404 0072