Results from the weekend

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Roadrunner Rum Race 4
The RoadRunner Rum Race on Friday was a bit of a no-show… for the wind anyway.  Nine boats turned out for the 4th race in the series, but the wind dropped at the Southern Channel Markers, meaning a slow drift back in, and all DNFs on the board.

Thanks to everyone who turned out though – Kantime, Nexus, Frivolous Fish, Orange Peeler, Desperado, Hogwarts Express, Libertee, Lyric (good to see her out again Russell!) and California Kiwi.

The lack of winner meant two lucky draws for the rum, which went to Orange Peeler and Frivolous Fish (got to be a fix!) ;-)

Seapower 2-Handed race 2
The Seapower 2-handed race on Sunday had  bit more wind than last time, and the results were as follows:

1. Libertee
2. Nexus
3. Casco
4. Bandit

Thanks all of you for taking part.