Cater Marine Race 7 Results

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Well I wasn’t there last night, having had to head to Auckland for a few days, but I’m guessing it was a blustery night on the racecourse. It was certainly VERY windy here last night. The results speak for themselves though – total dominance of the ‘big boats’ in B Division, with the trailer-sailers trailing in their wake… so to speak. :-) Also great to see Mr Wolf back out there in A Division. All divisions are now looking pretty healthy in terms of numbers, so thanks again to EVERYONE who turns out and takes part.

Results after handicaps applied:

Cater Marine Race 7 winner of B-Division - Wetherley

A Division:

1. Kantime
2. Orange Peeler
3. Mr Wolf
4. California Kiwi
5. Titan

B Division:
1. Wetherley
2 Nexus
3. Libertee
4. Appaloosa
5. Bon Accord
6. Cut Lunch (STILL top of the E5.9s, despite a new higher handicap… must be something in the water… :-) )
7. Animal Crackers
8. Kotahi Rua
=9. Frivolous Fish
=9. Bandit
11. Frantic
12. Hogwarts Express
13. Luxury Liner

C Division:
1. Cats Paw
2. Desperado
3. Casco
4. Trail A
5. Saltshaker