Cater Marine Spring Series Race 4 results

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A spot of sunshine graced the fleet for race 4 of the Cater Marine Spring Series yesterday, on what was otherwise a cold, wet, windy and altogether very wintery day!

B-Division is proving to be the most popular of the 3 divisions so far, with a regular turnout of around 8 boats, including our growing fleet of Elliott 5.9s. A-Division looked a little light last night, with only Orange Peeler and Kantime competing, so it would be good to see a few more of the ‘big boys’ out on the couse next week, and Sala is looking forward to getting back into Wednesday racing (as soon as the new motor is bolted down!) and joining in with C-Division.

Final results after handicaps were:

Trail A
C-Division winner Trail-A (affectionately known as 'Spongebob')

1. Orange Peeler
2. Kantime

1. Cut Lunch
2. Nexus
3. Ice Breaker
4. Frivolous Fish
5. Frantic
6. Appaloosa
7. Animal Crackers
8. Bon Accord

1. Trail A
2. Cats Paw
3. Desperado
4. Saltshaker