Results from Cater Marine Spring Series Race 1

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The Cater Marine Spring Series kicked off last night. We are back to 3 divisions – two spinnaker divisions and one without – and loads of serious-fun on the race course.
Big thank you to the Kiff Family who donated 3 prizes (official caps from TNZ Camper) for the last boat (on handicap) of each division.

Cadillac - winner of A division in the first Wednesday night race of the new Spring season.

A Division:
1. Cadillac
2. Orange Peeler
3. Kantine
4. Titan

B division:
1. Cut Lunch
2. Frivolous Fish
3. Ice Breaker
4. Frantic
5. Wetherley
6. Nexus
7. Kotahi Rua
8. Appaloosa

C Division:
1. Cats Paw
2. Desperado
3. Trail A
4. Saltshaker
5. Casco