Youth Training Program

In the second week of the school holidays we are running a training program for youth classes. Laser Radial, 420, 29er, Windsurfers and Catamarans. The goal of the week is to introduce sailors that are keen to step up into these classes and allow them to try out the range of boats available. The second goal of the week is to provide some training and information about this next step in their careers.

And during the first week we hold a learn to sail program.

Contact Robbs directly to book a spot

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Youth Sailing – short Easter Week

Hi team we have a big week of sailing planned for you.
The focus this week is on lift, sails and foils. So here are some things to think about and research before your next training session.
Lift, sail trim, the slot between the sails, bi plane vs single wing, pumping, flicking the leech, rolling, underwater lift, sculling rocking, angle of centreboard. Feeling the boat from response you get from the rudder. Heel of the boat, rounding up or bearing away. If the rudder is heavy you are not flat.
Thursday coaching 
Boat handling 10 timed tacks and gybes every 15 seconds.
Mark rounding practice, follow the leader and hoist, bottom mark drop and around. Repeat 5 times.
Starting drills, transit drill hand up when on the line, stay inside the box starts.
Tactics, split pairs one boat left one right see who wins. Discuss with the other boat why.
Sprint races to finish
Friday learn to race group 
We are going to focus hard on part 4 in your level 3 books. Forces in your boat. So please read through this. If you don’t have a level 3 book yet you can purchase them from the club for $19
Drills will include,
Boat handling, 1 whistle tack or gybe (depending if your already sailing upwind or down.) 2 whistles bear away or head up, depending if your already sailing upwind or down.)
Mark rounding diamond shape drill lots of mark roundings.
Starting transit drill raise your hand when you are on the line then 5 practice starts.
Races with one selected person to start 10 seconds early. They have to defend and the others attack.
I am formulating a plan for this weekend so I will get back to you about that ASAP.
Robbs Hielkema
Sailing Coach and Yacht skipper
Skype: robhielkema
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Youth Sailing Update

Hi team
This week we are on for Thursday 2 handed coaching.
We are all go for Friday learn to race group.
Saturday am, I’m going to spend some time at lake Manawai to try and convince some kids to come sailing in the ocean with us.

Saturday pm there is a match racing regatta at Opua yacht club in their club 420’s. I encourage fathers mothers and their children to join in on the fun and fly the flag for bay of islands yacht club. Registration is 330 racing from 4. There will be heats and sudden death until the finals.
Dinner and a band at the club afterwards.

Sunday am is learn to race group
Sunday pm I will run racing, we will be low on numbers with many of our starling sailors in Auckland with regattas. Please email or txt me if you are keen to race on Sunday so I can prepare. I might tow a boat out to the race course and join in on the racing action. Parents come and race, club boats are available so don’t be shy.

Also here is some information about youth class training good info and will help everyone to understand the next step. In competitive sailing after/at the end of your starling career..

Here is the performance pathway including ideal ages and weights

Less competitive less expensive opportunities also available!!!  Talk to me and we can set goals.

Robbs Hielkema
Sailing Coach and Yacht skipper
Skype: robhielkema