Cruising Week-End

It’s all on at Oke Bay.

Vera and Ernesto are setting up camp 24 & 25th Feb.

Forecast is good with light winds, so allow plenty of time if you’re sailing.

Changes to the Sailing Calendar

Significant Changes to the Sailing Calendar

  1.  Seapower 2 Handed final moved from 25th to the 18th March to accomodate the Whangaroa Race
  2. Whangaroa Long Distance Race moved from 17th and 18th March to the 24th and 25th March. NOR available here
  3. Proposed 4 club Inter-Club, KCC, OCC RBC & BOI Saturday 7th April. This is a KCC Race, instructions and courses to follow
  4. Elliot 5.9 Regatta moved from 21st and 22nd July to May 12th and 13th.  Race instructions to follow.