Social Report on what Club members have been enjoying and events ahead

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The morning of Saturday, 16th June turned out to be overcast and drizzly so not  well for a BBQ.

Cees had lent us a large gazebo, Roger and myself left early to go and erect it at Derrick’s Landing, near Kawakawa. Fortunately Dave, Carole and Lorraine arrived early to give us a hand which was just as well otherwise we would have taken all day to do it.


John and Wendy were the first to arrive in their kayaks. It looked as though the BBQ was going to be a wash out as it started to pour, luckily not for long. The sun came out and it warmed up as people started arriving by car and dinghy. The BBQ was soon sizzling away and after we had eaten we had a hoopla and archery competition but not before there were a few practice goes. Amazingly one arrow was never to be seen again!!! Geoff won a free meal at the club thanks to Jim and Les mini bottles of bubbly thanks to the Roadrunner. There were some booby prizes too.

The party broke up around 3pm as the water in the river was receding. Cees did hit the bottom a couple of times on the way back.

Saturday, 13th July Mid Winter Dinner, $20 per person, tickets available at the bar. Please buy your tickets in good time. It is always a fun night so hope to see you there. Notices will be displayed at the club for more information.