Superhuman effort from OCC at first Interclub race

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Poor little Cut Lunch on the way to the finish line, getting battered by 40kts + winds.... the top of the mast was wobbling like jelly

Kudos to everyone who turned up for race 1 of the OCC/RBC Interclub Series yesterday – Sunday 5th May.

The forecast was gnarly, but it looked pleasant in the morning, lulling some boats (and one very keen windsurfer!) into a false sense of security no doubt. But right on time – coinciding perfectly with the 11 o’clock start gun – all hell broke loose.

The wind was gusting close to 30 knots as the fleet began its first beat away from the start line in the gusty breeze and at times torrential rain. The boats taking part soon found their first challenge was to spot the big, green Brampton Buoy – not an easy task in the heavy rain!

By the time we went through Kent Passage the blue sky was out again, and with that, the wind increased again. This made for a super-fast reach to Motuterakihi Island – great fun!

After rounding the island we headed back to Kent Passage on a close reach, followed by a kite run all the way down to Caters Buoy, with some nifty puffs along the way, and a few round-ups, especially for the smaller boats.

As we beat from Caters back up-wind to the Northern Channel Markers, we found the challenge had only just begun, with the winds increasing yet again to their strongest level yet. And by the time we made the final beat up to the finish line, the squalls were blowing well over 40kts.

Overdraft broke their boom on their final run from the North Channel Markers back to Caters, but still managed to fly to the finish just under their No. 2 jib. And what’s more they even took out the win on handicap!

The ride back to Opua was wild and wet, but at least it was quick.

Apologies to the Russell Boating Club for not visiting your club rooms, it was just too tempting to head home and have a hot shower. Credit to everyone who finished the race and I am looking forward to the next edition of this series! :-)


Final results can be downloaded here.

Further races:

There was a spectacular turnout from OCC for race 1 – a total of NINE boats from Opua took part, compared with just a couple from Russell. Thanks to Overdraft, Cut Lunch, Gambler, Kantime, Hey Jude, Cats Paw, Nexus, Notos III and Casco for braving the weather. That’s exactly how we’re going to win this series folks, so please keep it up!

Race 2 : 19th May – Start 1100 at Opua
Race 3: 9th June – Start 1100 at Russell