Tell Tales March 2013

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Tell Tales March 2013
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Committee Elections – Have you got what it takes?

It’s getting close to the end of our membership year again, which means it’s yet again time for Committee elections. Many of the current Committee members will be stepping down this year after offering a substantial amount of their time on a voluntary basis, which means we’ll need people like YOU to stand up and help out…

In this month’s Tell Tales, you’ll find a feature on the OCC Committee’s roles as part of an effort to ‘de-mystify’ the jobs that Committee members do, and hopefully get a few more of you to put your hands up!

It’s a sad though pretty universally accepted fact that when it comes to voluntary organisations like sports clubs, the same few people often end up doing the lion’s share of the work. We’d like OCC to be different, and for everyone to ‘share the load’ a little. Many hands make light work, and all that.

So please take a look at the Committee Member roles inside the March issue of Tell Tales, and have a good think about whether you would be willing to put your hand up for any of them.

The Club thrives on new blood and enthusiasm, and those qualities are far more important on the Committee than experience and knowledge. So if you’re shying away because you haven’t been a member long, or you’re not quite sure if you have the right skills… Please don’t! We need you, and we’d be glad to hear from you. Please talk to anyone on the Committee if you are interested in standing for a role this year. Thanks! :-)

Hawaiian Night

Inside this issue you’ll also find photos from the recent Hawaiian Night, which went spectacularly well, thanks to the effort of all the organisers – Reece and Georgie in particular.

News & Reports

Don’t miss all the latest racing write-ups, and pay close attention to the Notice to Competitors dated 15th Feb, which explains what happens when a course is shortened mid-race.

Enjoy this month’s Tell Tales, and remember to keep sending in those stories and photos!