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Tell Tales April 2013
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It’s great to see OCC boats taking it up nationally in this month’s Tell Tales. The recent regattas in Auckland and Wellinton both had entries representing OCC taking part, and it’s awesome to see our sailors venturing beyond the confines of the Waikare!


This month we’re again calling for volunteers to help out. The club – YOUR club – really needs your help. It can’t run itself, so please do consider standing for Committee at the forthcoming AGM. And if you can’t do that, there are lots of other ways you can help too – see inside this issue for more details.

One of the main areas where we need your input is Youth Sailing. Should this continue to be run as a free programme, even though we always struggle to find volunteers to run it? Or should we be charging for youth sailing, like most other clubs in NZ do? Your input on this issue would be most welcome.

Enjoy this month’s issue, and keep on getting out there and doing it!