Seapower 2 Handed Series Race 1

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Seapower 2 Handed Series Race 1

A big thank you to Brian Broadhurst, who started the race for us and has kindly offered to be available for future races. Our starters are very much appreciated.


Sunday was a day for the more hardy 2 handed crews, with a 40 knot  gust recorded in the Waikare. The one boat to attempt to fly a spinnaker did a bit of “Fish-ing”. Overdraft had jib track issues and retired soon after the start. Nexus used an innovative method to reef down and parked up in the mud to make the process easier.   Fortunately, they wisely started their motor to extract themselves from the situation, but unfortunately incurred  a DNF.


Cut Lunch battled on through the course, but came to grief on the sandbank off Pine Island, due to a tricky wind shift . However, excellent seamanship by Chris enabled a quick exit, although he was not quite so dry after the event. A questioned was raised as to whether Cut Lunch had made contact with the Pine Island Mark, but the definition of a “mark” cleared that one up.  However,  credit must go to Casco, who excelled in the conditions and won the race both on line honors and on handicap.  Cut Lunch 2nd and Frivolous Fish, through good luck, managing 3rd.

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