Racing Changes for the New Season Starting 1 October 2012

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The new season of OCC Racing is not far off.  However, a few things have changed from last season, and you will have a little bit of home work to do, if you want to get  a jump on the fleet. There are definitely some gains to be made, if you are well prepared. One thing that hasn’t changed is the race fees. Yes,  they stay at $80 for the season or $8 a race if you hate discounts. However, to ensure you have your results recorded, you need to make sure you pay your race fees promptly,  as chasing fees is the only thing that makes the  OCC Race Committee and especially the handicapper grumpy.


On darts night Wednesday 19 September, the race committee will be available to take your fees and answer any queries.


New Race Marks and All Season Course Sheet

The news is,  you are going to have to learn the new marks, and the numbering has changed. But the really good news is,  as a result of our new sponsored marks, we can offer spot prizes! Yes, if you are the closest boat to the line at the gun, you may be in the running for a tangible recognition of your efforts. Yes, that’s right! In one race you get 2 chances of a prize! Not only have our mark sponsors enabled spot prizes, but we hope to have a Video Recorder set up to record the starts, finishes and elapsed times. However, it is not expected to be the video referee!


Race Officers Cell Phone 027 925 9351 and Channel 77

We recognize Channel 77 does not always work, as there are buildings in the line of sight. To assist our racers and ensure the Officer of the Day gets to the finish box – before – you get to the line, we have provided a dedicated mobile phone. The only thing we ask, is that on weekends, the leading boats contact the Officer of the Day on either Channel 77 or the mobile number, when they are 30 minutes away from the finish line. This will ensure they know your are heading towards the line, so your finish time is recorded. If you don’t warn them of your impending arrival, please do not be unhappy afterwards, if no one records your finish time.  The entry form will also include a space to note your on-board cell phone no , should the Officer of the Day need to contact you.