Update on NRC Navigation Safety Bylaw Review

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Council Proposal to Stop the Sale of Moorings in Mooring Zones

The Northland Regional Council will be considering a paper on the Navigation Safety Bylaw Update at its meeting on 21 February 2012. A total of 514 submissions were received by the closing date, with 214 indicating that they wished to be heard. The majority of the submissions received were on the topics of the proposed changes to the transfer of moorings and changes to definitions affecting kite-boarders.

A full hearing day in the Bay of Islands and in Whangarei is being planned. All hearings are public meetings. Full copies of the submissions will be made publicly available prior to the hearing. Council staff are recommending that the full council hear the submissions, given the high level of public interest and the contentious nature of the proposed amendments.

Following the hearing of all submissions, a separate date will be set for councillors to deliberate on the issues raised and decide the final changes to the bylaw. The amended bylaw will then be formally adopted at a future meeting of the council.

The full paper can be downloaded here: http://www.nrc.govt.nz/upload/10211/Council%20Agenda%20-%2021%20February%202012.pdf