Submission form Draft Navigation Safety Bylaw 2012

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If you are a mooring owner in the Bay of Islands you should have already received from NRC a notification of proposed changes in mooring regulations and a submissions form for you to complete. These proposed changes have far reaching implications and will have a dramatic effect on the asset value of our moorings if we do not challenge the proposition.

You probably bought your mooring firstly to put your boat on and secondly in the hope that it would be a reasonably sound investment in boating terms that should appreciate in value at least in line with inflation. When I purchased my own mooring I did so on the basis that I paid the vendor the fair market price at the time and in the knowledge that I had to pay an annual licence fee to NRC and also that I had to have the mooring serviced every three years at my expense by a mooring contractor approved by NRC. I assumed that as long as I continued to pay the annual NRC licence fee and continued to maintain the mooring it was my mooring (ie: I had an open ended lease on that spot in the harbour plan – nobody advised me otherwise). However NRC see things differently.

Recently some moorings have been advertised for sale at excessive prices in NRC’s opinion (their only evidence being a Kerikeri mooring advertised at $12k on Trademe) but they do not have any proof  that such high price sales have actually been concluded. NRC see us mooring owners as some form of unscrupulous profiteers forcing up mooring prices beyond the reach of many would be boat owners.  NRC propose to restrict the buying and selling of moorings by prohibiting the transfer of mooring licences in areas that they consider are full and where demand is high (ie:Opua, Russell, Paihia and Kerikeri). To my way of thinking such draconian measures are reminiscent of east European countries in the 1980’s and it is hard to imagine we are in New Zealand in 2011 with a allegedly middle of the road National lead government. If NRC tried to regulate leasehold property prices in the same way there would probably be a revolution.

If you value your mooring and your freedom it is imperative that you complete and return the submission form to NRC by the end of January (3rd of Feb is closing date). To help you formulate your thoughts  attached are the meeting notes from the public meeting with NRC held at the Kerikeri Cruising Club on 15th of December and NRC’s notes taken at the same meeting. Opua Cruising Club will be putting in submissions for each of the four moorings owned by the club. Also attached is a submission form in case you do not have one.

Ian Templeman – Vice Commodore

Submission Form – Proposed Nav Safety Bylaw 2012

Meeting Notes 15 12 2011

Bylaw 2012 Public Meeting Record Kerikeri 15 Dec 2011