Carnage on the Racecourse last Wednesday

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Strong easterlies created carnage on the racecourse for last Wednesday’s Cater Marine Spring Series race. A smaller turnout clearly reflected the tougher conditions, with just 16 boats braving the strong winds to take part – down from 26 boats the week before.

And the winds weren’t just strong – they were very gusty too – making life even more difficult for those taking part. It’s not surprising there were a few casualties, and the paddle was jointly shared between about five boats!

Orange Peeler seemed to be having a tough time before the start, and were spending a lot of time inspecting the underside of the boat… from the water! While the Elliott 5.9s also had some challenging moments – apparently it’s important to give them plenty of room in those conditions, because you never quite know what they’re going to do! Even some of the bigger boats had issues, including Appaloosa, Nexus and Casco, with a few tussles going on between boats at the marks.

Results on handicap:
A Division

1. Kantime
2. Orange Peeler
3. Titan
4. Mr Wolf

B Division
1. Wetherly
2. Appaloosa
3. Ice Breaker
4. Frivolous Fish
5. Nexus
6. Hogwarts Express
7. Frantic

C Division
1. Saltshaker
2. Desperado
3. Gambler
4. Cats Paw
5. Casco